Paypal secure logo

paypal secure logo

Add PayPal buttons, logos, and marks to your website or mobile app to accept If your company hosts PayPal buttons on a secure company server or your. Grab PayPal logos, icons, images and acceptance marks for your website at PayPal's online logo center. When shopping online a PayPal Trust Seal added significantly more security McAfee's SECURE seal came in second receiving % of. Does the seller provide a physical address and contact phone number? Note, we added a couple new trust seals to this study that were pointed out as missing from our Part 1 study, these are the Verisign and TrustE seals. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I'm trying to add a paypal button and put in the code that paypal generates, however, it does not display the button. This might be a mistake giving up one of the two pieces of information that guard the security of my access but then security by ambiguity is no security at all. Login to your PayPal Account. paypal secure logo


Setting Up Your PayPal Custom Logo