How to pay tolls in italy

how to pay tolls in italy

What to know if you'll be driving Italian autostrada, which are toll roads. When you exit the autostrada you must pay the toll in cash. Do not go. You might think you are paying toll fees but you may not have. Usually you receive a slip of paper when entering one of Italy's toll motorways. A guide to toll roads in Italy from route mean that paying what seems to be a costly toll charge is worth it to avoid the stress. If you want to go slower or are not actively passing anyone, move to the right. She opened the barrier and kept telling me to go. Vehicles up to 3,5t with height over first axles up to 1,3m and overall height up to 2m. The yellow background unequivocally indicates dynamic collection with Telepass. When traveling on roads other than autostrada, always know the nearest towns of size in opposing directions. Profile History Governance Management. Destination Expert for Train Travel. how to pay tolls in italy

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Hence this article that might help them understand what has happened. When you arrive to the highway entrance, there are some toll booths where you take a ticket that is issued by the auto machine. I will be driving from the Dolomites to Venice this summer, taking the A European states About us Our partners Privacy policy Contact Tolls. Look for your total on the sign just in front of your car past the toll booth window.

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How to book a ballooning ride in Tuscany? Maximum speed limit signs are red-framed circles, with black numerals on white background. Be very very careful not to go in a telepass lane. Payment can be in cash, at some places with credit card or everywhere with the VIAcard and Telepass. There are two generic card types alongside the Viacard logo to indicate the various cards accepted the details of the Cards accepted, illustrated below, can be found on the board placed at the start of the island delimiting the gate. Top questions about Italy.


Paying the motorway toll in Italy